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2 April 09


Hi Guys and Gals:


Major change in plan for USS Andrew Jackson Reunion 2009!

There has been a change to our Reunion Cruise and Land Reunion for this year.  There will be NO cruise portion to our upcoming reunion in September in San Diego, as we had planned.  This is due to Carnival Cruise Lines changing the dates of our proposed September cruise for the third time.  The date of our cruise has been changed from September 6-10 to September 7-11 which would make the reunion portion in conjunction with the USSVI-ISA Convention impossible.  The earlier and newly scheduled cruise previous to this will be Sept. 3-7, and will be priced  probably $200 more per person, and would make many changes in hotel and traveling plans.  Aurelia(My First Mate) and I have cancelled our cruise and will leave it up to you as to whether you wish to do the cruise on your own.  So, for this year, we will enjoy a land-based reunion in San Diego!   

For those of you receiving your first announcement about our reunion, the USS Andrew Jackson Reunion will be held this year in San Diego, CA, at the Town and Country Resort in conjunction with the United States Submarnine Veterans, Inc/International Submariners Assoc. Convention from September 8-13, 2009.  MANY other boats will be also having their reunions at this convention, so perhaps if you served on more than one sub, you’d be able to attend more than one at the same time! The list of scheduled submarine reunions is below: 

DFAS Tang Class Reunion, USS Andrew Jackson(SSBN619), USS Archerfish(SS311), USS Bates (SSN 680), USS Capitaine (SS/AGSS 336), USS Carbonero (SS 337), USS Dace (SS247), USS Darter (SS 227), USS Diodon (SS 349), USS Gato (SS 212/SSN 615)), USS George Washington (SSBN 598), USS Grayback (SS/SSG/LPSS 574), USS Greenfish (SS 351), USS Grouper (SS 214), USS Haddo (SS 255/SSN 604), USS James Monroe (SSBN 622), USS John Adams (SSBN 620), USS Kamehameha (SSBN/SSN 642), USS Menhaden (SS 377), USS Narwhal (SSN 671), USS Perch (SS/APSS 313), USS Pogy (SSN 647), USS Rasher (SS/SSR/AGSS/IXSS 269), USS Razorback (SS 394), USS Redfish (SS 395), USS Remora (SS 487), USS Rock (SSR 274), UsS Ronquil (SS 396), USS Sabalo (SS 302), USS Scorpion (SS 278/SSN 589), USS Sea Lion (SS/APSS/LPSS 315), USS Sea Owl (SS 405), USS Skate (SSN 578), USS Skipjack (SSBN 585), USS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN 634), USS Tecumseh (SSBN 628), USS Tinosa (SS 283/SSN 606), USS Trout (SS 566), USS Volador (SS566). 

Beginning Wednesday, 9 September2009, we will check into the Andrew Jackson Hospitality Suite, and open the doors for any and all of you who are in San Diego for the reunions.  The hospitality suite will be open from our check-in time on Wednesday, the 9th,  until the evening of Sunday, the 13th of September.  If you will be attending the Reunion, please email us at, and we will email you a copy of the registration form. The cost to each of us attending will be $15.00 per person.  This will help to cover a part of the cost for the suite, as well as our “reunion goodies” for all of you.   The Suite is costing us $100.00 per day, and will offer us a place to meet, eat, and relax.  We have checked food and beverage prices through the resort’s catering department, and found them to be quite expensive.  We will offer our own munchies and beverages and ask only that you make a small donation to help us meet our expenses.

We plan to have a “restaurant style” dinner on Friday evening at 6:30 P.M., and a Saturday afternoon get-together, meeting, and Eternal Patrol Ceremony.  If time and numbers warrant, we will have an additional meeting, perhaps a group outing or tour, or some other activity, and announce it later. We will also be planning our next reunion at that time.                                                                                                                                                                                  

There are only 163 days to go until 8 September. As of today, we only have 7 former crew members and their 1st mates who have committed to attending our reunion.  Others have verbally or in emails told us that they will attend, BUT, where are all the guys and girls who attended our old ship’s parties, beer ball games, and picnics?  Please blow the cobwebs out of your wallets and come and join us in San Diego!  You might just have a great time!!!  

Website for information about the Convention and Reunion:   This is chock full of information about the USSVI convention and booking hotel rooms and the plan for the week, etc. Be sure to book your room soon and register for the convention! For the ladies, the vendors available are always great, and Fashion Valley Mall is less than two blocks from the Town and Country Resort!  Aurelia was at the Town and Country 2 years ago for another convention, and loved the pools, the grounds, and the proximity to this great mall and P.F.Chang's and Cheesecake Factory!

Aurelia and I will be checking into the Town and Country Resort on Sunday, September 6, so if any of you are around before the convention gets into full swing, please let us know, as we plan to see some of the many attractions and things to do in San Diego.     

Best Regards,                                                       

Doc and Aurelia McAllister

963 Harbor Town Dr
, FL 34292

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