Amazon Women


One of GOD's greatest and loveliest creations, is women.

I love women... Like to look at 'em, like to smell 'em... Used to like to touch 'em, but now, I afraid Iíd either go to jail or I'd get it cut off if I did.

Women... All ages, stages, shapes, sizes, colors & smells. Tall ones, short ones, round ones, thin ones... But there is one special kinda woman that if you ever meet, you'll never, ever forget.

I was first introduced to AMAZON WOMEN while on SSBN-619 B. Seems that the guy in charge of getting our sea movies liked Amazon Women movies. You name it, we probably saw it. That's where I first met them... Movie stars (kinda)... Bunches of 'em... 'B' movies... Nothin' more entertaining than poor acting and nekkit women.

I'd seen few 'BIG' women until then, mostly my elder aunts, but not BIG MUSCLE-bound honeys. At first I was able to maintain my flat-lander innocence, I only saw 'certain' women... In the picture shows...

Then one night, sometime in '76, while in Charleston, SC in drydock, a few of us hit the beach. An HM3, ET3, TMSN and just a plain ol' E-3, of course me too. Well, being short on cash, we head on over to the AMVETS club (I think most o' you guys know where it is... We're in the club lookin' for an 'SS' night (suds and sex).

Well it's a rather busy night, but we manage to get a table, we've already downed a couple when in walks this honey, followed by one of the boat flick's movie starís. She wasn't messcook ugly, just BIG... Everywhere. Hell, she woulda made a good size TM or a puny EN. Anyway, we have a couple of extra chairs, so we invite them to join us and since it was so crowded, they accepted. The night progressed, we danced, we drank, we drank, we drank, we danced until our HM3 was rubber-legged shit-faced. Somewhere along the way, we lost our 'honey', but our AMAZON stayed right with us. A little while later, she suggests that we move the party to her house.

"Where do you live?", one of the less drunk of us asks.

"Just 2 blocks past the gate", she sez.

So we leave, we're walkin', well some of walked... Some of us staggered, yet again one of us was being basically carried, towards the 'party'...One chick (BIG girl, but still one) and five guys.

Anyway, near the entrance to the gate, our corpsman performs one of the wonders of being drunk... Power puke. Well the guys carrying him decide to take him back to the boat and my wimpy TMSN buddy (not MONGO) decides he's going back also! Well, they abandon me and leave me with 'BIG BERTHA' all by myself. But being a TM3, I've got a reputation to uphold, so I figured I'm gonna handle things just fine.


Bertha and I get to her place in a short time and things start to warm up. First, she gets a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. Well, we make nice for a while... You know, that romance thing. Then we move towards her room, when it's become evident that things have progressed in a mutual direction. But, as soon as we crossed that threshold to her bedroom, it was quite evident ol' Queenie was in charge.

Men, if you've never experienced anything like this, DON'T.

She yanked me around and put me in positions and made me do things I didn't think were possible. Five guys - one girl (hell with that... Amazon), yeah, it woulda worked. I think this girl either wrote the scripts for some of those Amazon movies or at least starred in several of 'em. But, a good time is a good time. Didn't need to collect any panties for a souvenir. I walked bow legged for a week and slept all I could for 3 days. I never saw her again.

Oh, the energy of youth.

Billy Lary

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