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"This ain't no s**t"

Well here it is.  The page of truth and wisdom, the "Sea Story" page.  I take no responsibility for the truth or accuracy of these tales, I just post them with the full knowledge that no submarine sailor has ever lied.  But, knowing the true nature of the submarine sailor, I must accept the fact that even if he is lying with a straight face, the story is probably worth hearing. (At least once)

bulletWho Needs Pants?
bulletAmazon Women
bulletAttack of the Scottish Taxi Stand
bulletTemper, Temper
bulletWet Trainer
bullet58 Chevy, Warm Beer and Music
bulletEB Sea Trials
bulletPizza Night
bulletFlooding in the Engine Room (By the Dock)
bulletJean Dixon's Predictions
bulletNUB Training
bulletOperational Reactor Safeguards Exam (ORSE)
bulletShakedown Cruise Departure
bulletSubmarines Have Anchors
bulletThe Green Stripe
bulletThe Lieutenant
bulletWeapons Cert
bulletWasn't That A Party
bulletCharleston History Lesson


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