Wasn't That A Party

On the night of our Commissioning Party, the booze flowed freely. On the Blue Crew was an old salty First Class Engine Man. Willie was the old Diesel Boat School and when he was in port, he was a functioning alcoholic. But as soon as the lines were singled up he was sober and did a fine job on the "A"Gang for the next sixty days. On the night of the party Willie had a few too many and on the way back to the boat, he wiped out 6 or 7 cars in a used car lot Tennessee St. When the Cops asked him what happened, Willie said, "I WAS DOING FINE UNTIL THAT PINK ELEPHANT WEARING TENNIS SHOES STEEPED IN FRONTOF ME. I HAD TO SWERVE TO MISS HIM." The Vallejo police didn't see a lot of humor and immediately took him to jail.

Submitted by Bill Trammell

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