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Welcome to my Web site!

Who am I?

Dennis Olson, FTB1 (SS), LPO Fire Control gang.  At least that's where I ended my Navy career.  I joined the AJ's Gold Crew sometime mid 1964.  Made 8 patrols in the Gold Crew, survived refueling at Portsmouth and then 1 patrol with the Blue Crew.

After being told by some new jg that I had to re-up because I would never make it on the outside,  I left the Navy and moved out to Iowa where I received my BS degree from Iowa State University.  I then found a home with a paper manufacturing company called Union Camp Corp.  I spent 28 years with them, ending my career as a Senior Project Engineer in their Corporate Engineering Division.  I retired in March of 1999 and was immediately pressed into service as an assistant to my wife in her real estate business.  Visit us on the web at www.smithfieldrealtor.com

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