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Welcome to our site, dedicated to the USS Andrew Jackson SSBN 619

There were times when she rode high like the proud lady she was and times when she limped like the old gal she would become, but she always stood tall enough to get the job done.  Her place in history as one of the "41 For Freedom" may be unknown to most today and becoming only a clouded memory for many others, but for those who rode her on patrol she will always be the source of great pride and some unbelievable "sea stories".

Denny Olson


T'was the Night Before Christmas - Submarine Style
Great poem

We are losing our crew!
The most difficult part of maintaining this web site is receiving emails about the passing of our shipmates.  Though I try to keep the "Eternal Patrol" page current, I realize that the list is getting long.  With that in mind, I will start posting the most recent notices of departures that I get.

Whitney, James - STSCS(SS) -2/3/23
Bickford, Robert "Bob" - SO2 (SS) - 11/06/23
Blackwell, Michael W. MM3 (SS) - 5/13/23
Heydenburg, Randall Jack - EM1(SS) - 8/8/21
Pudus, Jon A. - EMC(SS) -3/26/23
Graziano, Jerome,
"Rocky" - (SS) - 7/7/21
Simmons, Harvey - CM(SS) - 3/17/21
                     Donovan, Larry (SS) - 2/24/21

Britcher, John Matthew (SS) - 2/8/21

USS Pompanito SS-383

(Click here)
This site takes you on a complete tour of the USS Pompanito, SS-383.  It is a true virtual tour of a WWII Fleet submarine with the ability to zoom, rotate up, down, left and right.  The detail of the photos is amazing; sharp enough to read the gauges in each compartment.
(Thanks to Sam Eddy for the link)

A Power Point presentation showing every class of U.S. Submarine.  

Let's not forget about updating your e-mail address.  Help us fill in the blanks on all those that are missing.

I received this from Brian Spalding.  It's a 3 meg. wmv file. A tribute to all our hero's.
  It's large, but if you have a high speed connection it's worth it.

Click on the USMC emblem to start

  Andrew Jackson Commemorative Items

Where can I get that coffee mug, ball cap, T-shirt, photo of the AJ, etc.  Here are a few places you can spend that extra cash you have stowed under the mattress cover.

Secretary Powell on Memorial Day
(Worth reading and passing on)


US Navy Drill Team in action.

This is funny
I've received some jokes from some of you and just don't want to laugh alone.  So, when I receive a joke and it makes me laugh enough I will post it here.  Just click here to laugh!!!!

 E-Mail Address
We need your help in developing a valid contact list of crew members.  Go to the following page:
e-mail addresses

We have found a number of e-mail address that previously were thought to be valid yet appear to be either invalid or otherwise not workingPlease help us correct these addresses.  Go to the "e-mail" page and check if your name or a shipmates name appears incorrectly and send Denny Olson the correct address.

Why we honor Veterans!
(Supplied by Carl Haley)

Photo Gallery

Thanksgiving meal November 23, 1967

Go take a look at the "Before & After" page.  Don't be afraid - Add your mug shot.

Join your shipmates and become a member of the


Anyone interested in contributing to the photo gallery can send me a photo. (Blue and Gold) Any format will do, including print, negative , slide, electronic, etc.  I will try to get all the photos onto the web site.  Try to identify the photo as best you can with Name, Rate, Division, Date, Crew, etc.  (Thanks to those who have already started identifying the crew and sending me more photos.)

For I am a Submariner
by John Chaffey,
Powell, Wyoming

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What's New
Bill Lary has suggested that I start a page for sea stories.  Not that any of you guys would have any.  So here goes.  Send me your best.  But, make my life easy, please, do them up, nice and neat in "MS Word".  If it isn't a book that I have to re-type, I will take other formats for those of you with only a pencil.  Send them on.

Eternal Patrol
Please help us give a final salute to those who have set the maneuvering watch for the final time.  E-mail me names and dates, if available, for those crew members on Eternal Patrol.



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